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Based in Cardiff. Graduated 2014, BA Fine Art: Critical Practice, University of Brighton, and 2019, Masters Performing Public Space, Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts.


Currently working working part-time as a Marketing & Development Officer at Llantarnam Grange, alongside a patchwork of freelance projects.

Recent winner of People's Choice Award at Made in Roath Open 2023.

Previously, have led alternative team building sessions with Alchemy Film & Arts; created a sourdough inspired karaoke for cul-de-sac festival, 2020; painted dogs while on residencies at Can Serrat and g39; collected jokes in Cincinnati; and frequently eats packets of crisps for work, leisure, and survival. 

Other projects include residencies with the Barn, Spit and Sawdust, and working in various capacities for Deveron Projects (2015 - 2018).

Also works as one half of Site Sit, with artist Lauren Heckler; and is a member of SUll Collective, a network of eleven artists based in, or with links to, Wales. 

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