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I am currently participating on a two month residency at Can Serrat, El Bruc. During this time I am developing a body of work surrounding art and tourism. This investigation began in October 2015 during my previous residency at this centre, where I became interested in Trip Advisor reviews of for art museums in Barcelona, specifically the Museu Picasso. In this time I made a text piece using the titles from the reviews to present the range of interests, needs and opinions held by the audience.

I am continuing to explore the potential of Trip Advisor, and am currently making two new pieces of work inspired by its content. Art Criticism of Trip Advisor, will be a small zine adopting the style of an art magazine, that contains a selection of reviews and images of the Museu Picasso. This aims to elevate the content of the reviews to the same level as art criticism. This zine will then be handed out to people queuing to enter the museum.

I have also started the series Portraits of Trip Advisor, in which I am collecting portraits that people have uploaded to Trip Advisor in the various art museums across Barcelona. I am interested in how tourists present how they interact with art and what they consider a useful image to upload with their review. I am currently exploring the potential of these images and am considering how to best repurpose them through my practice.

Responding to a quote from a Trip Advisor review, I am an Audioguide Person will be a performance piece that will take place throughout the city of Barcelona. This will involve me wearing as many audioguides as possible, borrowed from museums, and walking around the city. This aims to exaggerate the dependency tourist have on audioguides to access a place.

I am also exploring how art changes through reproductions, specifically when printed on functional objects such as mugs, t-shirts etc. I am in the process of writing an extended text on Edvard Munch's The Scream, based on my relationship with it through a printed mug. I aim for this text to become the central point of a work that brings people together to discuss issues surrounding reproductions and the effect tourism has on art and popular culture.

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