Memory Bank: Arts Exhibtion, June 18 - Aug 31, 2015 

Concordia Library, Montreal, Canada


Off the Shelf, May 2015

/i'klectik/, Old Paradise Yard, London.

Village Halls, Llansteffan, April 2015

Llansteffan Memorial Hall, Llansteffan, west Wales

Village Halls, Llansteffan was a group exhibition that was the columniation of on-site development sessions in the village. This created site responsive works that resonated with the community.

Flocks of Secrets, Swarms of Lies, Feb - March 2015

Umpqua Community College, Oregon, USA

Flocks of Secrets, Swarms of Lies was a group exhibiton with the participants of the Ayatana Research Program. The exhibition displayed the results of the art / science residency that took place in Nova Scotia, 2014.

Platform Graduate Award Show, Aug - Sept. 2014

De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

Art Fare: The Shop was selected to represent the University of Brighton as part of the Platform Graduate Award Show. The installation was replicated within gallery 2, the only alteration being the position of the doors in response to its new environment.


More information can be found here.

Art Fare: The ShopJune 2014

University of Brighton Degree Show

Art Fare: The Shop was a group exhibition that documented the work from Art Fare in the form of a gallery gift shop. This re-processed the work made on site into souvenirs that could be purchased, alongside the book Art Fare: The Publication which provide a more in depth review of the work.

Art Fare 3 - 16 May

Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company 

Art Fare was a two-week exhibition in association with Brighton and Hove Buses, which exhibited work from 13 artists across the active bus service. By taking art out of a gallery context, the exhibition engaged with a wider audience and explored the value of art in the everyday.

While Socks Last, 2014

University of Brighton

While Socks Last was a pop up exhibition in which 14 artists created a take on artist multiples, using white socks as a starting point. This resulted in a range of socks from the functional to the purely sculptural.

Cheating Complacency, 2013

Nolias Gallery, London

Cheating Complacency was a group show of 16 artists from a range of different backgrounds, using a variety of mediums.

Art at Home, 2013

Brighton Arts Club

Art at Home was a group show centered around ideas of home, questioning the role art can play in the contemporary domestic space.

The Committee, 2013

University of Brighton

The Committee was a collaborative exhibition which criticed the idea of success in art. 17 artists formed The Committee who used meetings and discussions to develop a set of criteria for judging success. The artists then submitted work to The Committee to be evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. However, this system was heavily flawed as the nature of success is impossible to determind with the subjective nature of art.

Conditions, 2012

University of Brighton

Conditions was a group where artists worked with, and explored, different conditions of behaviour, art and language.

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